• Forwarder

    Fast, agile, compact vehicle with an efficient fuel consumption. These are some of the features that make our forwarder one of the best-selling forestry vehicles in Spain.

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  • Fire fighting vehicle

    We have created a firefighting equipment adapted to our forwarder making a very innovative product which is capable of accessing hard to get to areas and whose powerful pump can throw water up to 70m.

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  • Slash bundler

    Collects, compacts and packs the forest slash, facilitating its transport.

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  • Dumper DIO-24

    Vehicle authorized to travel on public roads. It has a high load capacity (12t) and conformed dimensions. It is ideal for inaccessible slopes and narrow gauges.

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The Company

Dingo's warehouse

Dingoma, S.A., established in 1992, was created for the development of forestry machines; mainly those dedicated to forest harvesting. Read more

Dingoma S.A.
Polígono Industrial Río Pinto s/n
33719 Jarrio (Coaña)
Asturias (Spain)
Phone: (+34) 985 473 908
Fax: (+34) 985 474 034

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